Create full-time income to sell digital products online

Tips for selling digital products online – it’s not just page earnings! This requires a lot of money to sell digital downloads. For many freelancers and private entrepreneurs, these opportunities provide excellent passive income as well as full-time jobs. Revenue does not necessarily come at the same time as hourly performance, but you can make up the product during downtime and supplement your finances until you use it to grow your life.

Why should I make digital products?
Apart from secondary income opportunities, there are several other reasons related to digital products.

When creating a product with expert knowledge, you can immediately place yourself as an authority figure. This could lead to the position of speech and coaching. This could lead to a bookstore as well.

there is no limit. You can sell goods over and over again. Since downloads are usually delivered immediately, you can earn money while you are sleeping.

What type of product can I create?

Mr. Bailey Le Certo traveled the world using her experience to design her digital product project. “Publishing a book was always a topic that was in my” wish list. ” I also knew that it was a big stream of passive income The trip was a natural fit for me because of my experience and my passion, people always say “what you know Writing “, it is an incredibly good board to produce enough speed to make digital products money. ”

Unique design

Christine Berry recommended increasing monthly income and repaying student loans. As an Etsy wedding sales specialist, she mentioned about the decision: “I was a designer, I got an idea, I sold Etsy’s design.” I will do it You can, and I can make it better! “I think it has a very funny and strange style and I find that niches are not in use yet, as there are not many collapsing traditional flower shapes in the wedding industry. did.


Perhaps one of the most common ways to earn money to sell digital downloads is eBook. Platforms such as Amazon Kindle and e-junkie make it much easier to share your work with the public. Cristin Harber is the best selling writer of The New York Times. She commented on introducing to the industry as follows. “Although I was distributing manuscripts to traditional publishers and agents for years, it was a very slow process even if I was interested.” In 2013, the lecture (RWA) author made his debut about independent publishing When I talked, I went to the Kindle Bookstore. With this, you can purchase half the eBook and immediately read the new title finish. I knew that these ideas had business opportunities as the market changed, such as the adoption of electronic readers, a list of manuscripts that are highly variable, and the community of authors who wanted to share business experience.

Other digital products to consider
Member site
Private Label Rights (PLR)
WordPress themes and plugins
Stock photos and images
Font and vector image
Mobile app
Teaching material
Sewing and knitting pattern (Please read how this couple sells $ 600,000 per year to win a doll pattern)
It is still work.
I mentioned above that income can not come immediately or automatically. You always need to push. As Bailey said about full-time use of her product, “I wanted it to happen, but it never did.” By learning more about the automotive industry, more income sources Understanding how prudent it was to have a decision and helping to achieve financial goals faster. You do not put all your eggs in the same basket Try writing a book similar to me, people will buy it. Since it’s more new, plan the future and diversify where your money comes from.

As it was content on traveling methods, such as passports, visas, customs, and topics of those, I began to sell books to study abroad, but I immediately realized that it was a market It was. Readers who were looking for new materials at the Amazon Kindle Store had to find ways to attract more attention to their work. I focus mainly on marketing activities that I can use in my books. One of the ways that many authors do not consider, one that I mention is a single work, not creation of series books and novels, box sales, my other book at the end of a new book It is. ”

And as Christine is telling us it is important to know where your target market is. When I started I did not know how to contact people other than Etsy to list my items and sell them. Over the years, I tried various marketing strategies, but some were free and some were charged. The biggest marketing tool I currently use is Pinterest. Because there are many brides looking for a wedding idea. In addition, I promote a great wedding blog, and of course, found a word. ”

Trade tools
Every customer could share their favorite tools and resources with those designed for creating digital downloads.

Christine: “To be honest, the best tool you have is time for your business, the more time you invest, 10 minutes by train, queuing, go to Pinterest or something to Instagram Anything that I can do in a short time, I always think that every step you take is another possibility to acquire a customer, which means another possible sale.

Also, Google Analytics helps you to see all of your data feeds, helps you decide which marketing strategy is not a profitable marketing strategy, improves my Pinterest game and adds a very affordable advertising budget We were able to approach more potential customers at the company. ”

Bailey: If you want to introduce yourself, I’d like to use my free Caliber program to manage my eBooks and convert different types of e-book files. I also like Free online. Program I am covering all ebooks. If you are interested in an online course like I did at, you should try Fedora. ”

Kristin: I think that it is very useful for independent authors and those who publish themselves. Naked truth of self expression by indie voice and sentences. I will make it public. I repeat. Johnny B. Torunto, Sean Pratt. There are several Yahoo groups that exchange business and written tips. Marie Force and IndieRomanceInk self-publishing loops are filled with good information. BookBub and Draft 2 Digital have a blog with practical hints.