Suggestions to Optimize the Involvement of the App

Most Mobile App Developersare eager to have a dedicated user base that considers their app valuable and returns to it regularly. Anyone who has bothered to click on the “Install” button hopes that the app promises to meet a requirement or solve a problem!

Blind optimization of engagement metrics is not consistent with achieving long-term business goals and users’ goals for your product. Trying to keep existing users successful trying to acquire new users makes monetary sense, since a bad draw leads to a higher initial outlay.

In this article, I recommend ten ways to optimize an engaging and successful app that includes some information shared on Google Play, Sustainable Engagement Day 2018 and Playtime 2018. You can also view the full session of the event below.

Meaningful functions and analysis

Health App Lifesum wondered: “How do you know if you’re improving your product?” Storage and conversion metrics are a great way to evaluate if features are improving. However, these vanity metrics do not always take into account how users actually experience your product. Former Lifesum senior designer of Rifael Coimbra says that improving features does not necessarily mean that the user base will be more successful.

Data can tell you where the problem is …

How do you measure the efficiency of your app based on what your users want to get with it? The ABA English language learning app assumes that data can only tell where the problem lies, not what it is. That’s why they decided to identify and use qualitative data that comes directly from the people who use their app. As a result, they added a further step in their onboarding process and therefore doubled the user’s activation.

The best way to communicate with your users

The Ultimate Guitar team cultivates a human-to-human communication culture that is not the only backup of the customer support team.

They created an “H2H” bulletin board where the whole team can see all the quotes from Ultimate Guitar in social media. Every day at 10 there is a strict rule: “no code, no project, no meeting”, and the team, from designers to developers to analysts, communicates directly with real customers.

Start where your users start from

Looking at the replays, tracking down a leaky map and realizing that his paywall often interrupted the learning experience, Busuu discovered that he had a problem with the user’s initial experience.

5 things necessary for business success

Successful entrepreneurs who succeeded while leading a successful life.

He wrote thousands of books on things that are necessary to succeed in business and thousands to succeed in life. You can find 1000 articles on the Internet, talk about that topic and 1000 more tomorrow. It will be difficult to reduce such a wide range of themes and many things that can be involved in making us happy to a short list that anyone in your life can read and use.

However, in thousands of books and articles in countless legends and stories, there are some common themes woven into everywhere. You will find our principle as a human being who many of us think but never seriously will achieve. You hear about the ideals and choices that we desire, but often I do not understand. In this story of a person who succeeded in business (and life), do you have ten things you found, what you currently have and what you have to get?

1. Be brave

Would you like to know why it is such a difficult performance of the business to succeed in business? While overcoming obvious hurdles, one of the biggest challenges is to overcome the fear of entering the business. Most people dream of making businesses successful throughout the day while watching the clocks in their daily work. The reason for not abandoning the safety of salary payment is because I fear too much about the unknown things that happen when I start a business. If you want to get away from this crowd, you have to learn to face your own fear. Do not worry, you are not alone. When I quit my job and started work, I doubled my salary outside my work in 8 hours of work. I still had this big fear of failure.

But this is a way for those who really want to succeed in business. Overcoming fear the start is noble but the real challenge of entrepreneurs who are not afraid is to start a conversation with a network mixer, sell it to a big problem, and disconnect with a partner that hurts the business Someone miserably You can fail and do not be afraid to drop dust. And perhaps the most terrible situation – break the contract (happened twice to Henry Ford before designing his famous assembly line). The success of doing over again is truly courage.

2. Understand finance

Well, everyone is talking about how well-known corporate brands have already started in corporate basements and garages. So it is becoming a romantic idea of ​​things that truly do the truth Contractor. The reality of the most successful companies can not be far from the truth – if you want it you will need money. But this does not necessarily mean you have to have lots of things when you start, but the most important thing is to understand the financial mechanism and how to grow smartly with money.

Robert Kiyosaki is famous for introducing the importance of financial literacy for a successful entrepreneurial life to the world. Some people who are paying money, such as cars, home payments, credit cards, etc., have a financial burden on them. But those who are educated know that it is important to make assets. Once you have a column of positive wealth, you can learn how to earn more money through investment. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you must know how to accept and work.

3. Grow as a leader

When you start business using your fears, a trip to leadership has already begun. As you can see, your ultimate success relates much to helping others find their own. Many of us hug a successful entrepreneur with a pedestal, as football fans look up to the star quarter back and a wide audience. However, there will always be teams leading these people, eventually leading to success. You may want to be a level leader, motivate others to join you, believe what you are preaching, or make money for the products or services you provide It is necessary to learn.

Just because you must have leadership skills, everyone who succeeds in business must be CEO, business face or person in charge. When Google really began to grow, the founder assumed CEO Eric Schemid, the successful CEO, to become CEO. They were engineers, not CEOs. The ability to lead the team and lead the public can tell you that you need to run to the right person with the appropriate charisma and appropriate message. A great soldier is good to lead troops on the battlefield, not all wars. Amazing product designers are also ugly sellers. But a good leader will discover his best, where his weakness lies, and the people he needs to achieve in order for his business to succeed.

4. Utilize leverage

One of the biggest obstacles to getting entrepreneurs’ desire is to understand what to do with the opportunities to follow along the way. Here, leverage is an important concept that people entering the business need to understand, there is a certain attitude that thinks outside the box and finds value in new relationships and situations. The same people who are afraid of giving up their daily work are the same people who do not know how to use assets and relationships in their lives. On the other hand, successful entrepreneurs are constantly finding ways to create profits and new opportunities every day.

Simple words, “If life gives lemon, making lemonade” is a good example of using your business. Many people will make lemonade and drink it. True entrepreneurs make lemonade, sell to lemon-free people, purchase more lemon using profit, or earn money to another company. Donald Trump is now a polarized politician but it is an excellent example of an entrepreneur who has taken advantage of leveraged over and over again to acquire important real estate or make a very favorable deal . His book of loving or hating it The Art of The Deal is a wonderful source of how leverage succeeds.

5. Acquire a partner

I talked quickly about one of the most important properties of being the leader of “moving the chain”. To achieve greatness as a leader you need a team of people who believe in the mission of progress. Here, establishing a large partner team plays an important role for a useful venture. Many people start alone and wear many hats, but business will evolve if there is only one amount of solder required to light energy, inspiration and light source.

As we see, when you understand the importance of success in both work and life, a true ‘business owner’ is a person who does not need to participate in the company’s day-to-day operations. Work and leave earnings. The classic book “The E – Myth” is a beautiful story that tries to run a single business many times (and fails). Instead, you must take these leadership skills and motivate others to use your concrete skills and use them as a team for the benefit of the company. This includes not only employees, but also how to shake hands with anyone, how to create a strategic partnership, how to make others work for your business with previously leveraged levers. Interested. And reaching a certain level of success makes it even more powerful to share it with everyone who helped make it happen.

Creating and selling digital products

Online sales of digital products can bring about a complete change in your business. This allows a new way of providing services to customers whether they are already selling physical products or whether they are service companies that grow business with e-books, e-books, or other digital products It will be opened. Your online store can be a good source of residual income.

The beauty of adding digital products to the online store is that there is no overhead, no manufacturing cost, no hassle or transport headaches. You can create and start digital products and sell them indefinitely. Sales of digital products perfectly match your business.

By selling digital products you can respond to more customers without worrying about delivering goods or relying solely on customer reservations as a primary source of income.

However, while simultaneously selling digital assets, you can reserve customers by simultaneously selling digital assets and physical assets. However, by creating and selling digital products in the online store, you can earn machines that provide customers with services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on your site. It is a situation of victory for all officials!
Almost all types of business models have the ability to sell digital products. Product ideas that can be included in the online store are graphics, e-mail or legal template, software, webinar, stock photograph, music file, ebook, digital subscription or course. You can continue the list many times and you can find something unique to your business.

The most important thing to create and sell digital products in online stores is to create something and sell it over and over again. Once you can work with the client, this work will not be reproduced as a digital asset.

Initial work is necessary to create digital products, but once you use it, you only maintain, update, and sell them after the first work.

Although it seems unbelievable to sell digital products, if you do not know where to begin, find a way to incorporate your idea into the online store from the beginning. Let’s start with the idea of ​​a new digital product. To think of these ideas, it is best to give a specific time (1-2 minutes) and create a list of many digital product ideas you have.
All of these may not be practical, but are ready to open the opportunity to see the opportunities for these new products. After creating this list, please return to the digital product that you can actually create for the new online store.

To easily search for brainstorming lists, find your favorite places. This means finding duplicates of what you know as an expert and what your market is paid for. Here, magic of digital products will live for your online store. In addition to creating products, you can also create products that are successful, marketable and profitable for customers.

From there, I will try to think about the specificity of what you can achieve. If you are considering creating eBooks or courses, think about the product that is really useful for viewers. The advantage of selling digital products is that they can offer it cheaper than your personal service. This opens up a whole new market where your big products and services can not yet be obtained.

By creating digital products for them, they can give you the opportunity to work with another role. They can teach you to grow so that you can buy the biggest product later.

I will be honest with you – today, everyone and their mother have a new e-book, electronic source, or other digital product. It’s not a problem. This means that you need to develop truly prominent products and draw attention from potential customers.
They compete with thousands of other digital products and online stores. Let’s consider a unique perspective that can be applied to new digital products. Recognize and recognize brainstorming and creation of new products.

Create full-time income to sell digital products online

Tips for selling digital products online – it’s not just page earnings! This requires a lot of money to sell digital downloads. For many freelancers and private entrepreneurs, these opportunities provide excellent passive income as well as full-time jobs. Revenue does not necessarily come at the same time as hourly performance, but you can make up the product during downtime and supplement your finances until you use it to grow your life.

Why should I make digital products?
Apart from secondary income opportunities, there are several other reasons related to digital products.

When creating a product with expert knowledge, you can immediately place yourself as an authority figure. This could lead to the position of speech and coaching. This could lead to a bookstore as well.

there is no limit. You can sell goods over and over again. Since downloads are usually delivered immediately, you can earn money while you are sleeping.

What type of product can I create?

Mr. Bailey Le Certo traveled the world using her experience to design her digital product project. “Publishing a book was always a topic that was in my” wish list. ” I also knew that it was a big stream of passive income The trip was a natural fit for me because of my experience and my passion, people always say “what you know Writing “, it is an incredibly good board to produce enough speed to make digital products money. ”

Unique design

Christine Berry recommended increasing monthly income and repaying student loans. As an Etsy wedding sales specialist, she mentioned about the decision: “I was a designer, I got an idea, I sold Etsy’s design.” I will do it You can, and I can make it better! “I think it has a very funny and strange style and I find that niches are not in use yet, as there are not many collapsing traditional flower shapes in the wedding industry. did.


Perhaps one of the most common ways to earn money to sell digital downloads is eBook. Platforms such as Amazon Kindle and e-junkie make it much easier to share your work with the public. Cristin Harber is the best selling writer of The New York Times. She commented on introducing to the industry as follows. “Although I was distributing manuscripts to traditional publishers and agents for years, it was a very slow process even if I was interested.” In 2013, the lecture (RWA) author made his debut about independent publishing When I talked, I went to the Kindle Bookstore. With this, you can purchase half the eBook and immediately read the new title finish. I knew that these ideas had business opportunities as the market changed, such as the adoption of electronic readers, a list of manuscripts that are highly variable, and the community of authors who wanted to share business experience.

Other digital products to consider
Member site
Private Label Rights (PLR)
WordPress themes and plugins
Stock photos and images
Font and vector image
Mobile app
Teaching material
Sewing and knitting pattern (Please read how this couple sells $ 600,000 per year to win a doll pattern)
It is still work.
I mentioned above that income can not come immediately or automatically. You always need to push. As Bailey said about full-time use of her product, “I wanted it to happen, but it never did.” By learning more about the automotive industry, more income sources Understanding how prudent it was to have a decision and helping to achieve financial goals faster. You do not put all your eggs in the same basket Try writing a book similar to me, people will buy it. Since it’s more new, plan the future and diversify where your money comes from.

As it was content on traveling methods, such as passports, visas, customs, and topics of those, I began to sell books to study abroad, but I immediately realized that it was a market It was. Readers who were looking for new materials at the Amazon Kindle Store had to find ways to attract more attention to their work. I focus mainly on marketing activities that I can use in my books. One of the ways that many authors do not consider, one that I mention is a single work, not creation of series books and novels, box sales, my other book at the end of a new book It is. ”

And as Christine is telling us it is important to know where your target market is. When I started I did not know how to contact people other than Etsy to list my items and sell them. Over the years, I tried various marketing strategies, but some were free and some were charged. The biggest marketing tool I currently use is Pinterest. Because there are many brides looking for a wedding idea. In addition, I promote a great wedding blog, and of course, found a word. ”

Trade tools
Every customer could share their favorite tools and resources with those designed for creating digital downloads.

Christine: “To be honest, the best tool you have is time for your business, the more time you invest, 10 minutes by train, queuing, go to Pinterest or something to Instagram Anything that I can do in a short time, I always think that every step you take is another possibility to acquire a customer, which means another possible sale.

Also, Google Analytics helps you to see all of your data feeds, helps you decide which marketing strategy is not a profitable marketing strategy, improves my Pinterest game and adds a very affordable advertising budget We were able to approach more potential customers at the company. ”

Bailey: If you want to introduce yourself, I’d like to use my free Caliber program to manage my eBooks and convert different types of e-book files. I also like Free online. Program I am covering all ebooks. If you are interested in an online course like I did at, you should try Fedora. ”

Kristin: I think that it is very useful for independent authors and those who publish themselves. Naked truth of self expression by indie voice and sentences. I will make it public. I repeat. Johnny B. Torunto, Sean Pratt. There are several Yahoo groups that exchange business and written tips. Marie Force and IndieRomanceInk self-publishing loops are filled with good information. BookBub and Draft 2 Digital have a blog with practical hints.

8 kinds of digital products to be sold online

A great way to make money online is to sell digital products. Today, there are many kinds of digital products that can be created and sold online. Here, we introduce a small list and example of what you can do with the introduction of online technology that enables everything you can do.

1. E-book
The great thing about eBook is that you can not only sell directly on your website, but also on Amazon Kindle and others. Ebooks are very popular and earn millions of dollars each year online. For Amazon only, we sell nearly 2 million e-books a day.

2. Photo
Digital photography is another digital product that can be sold on the internet. If you know a good photographer or a good photographer, you can sell photos online. You can print on the wall as art, use the POD service, or sell photos that others can use.

3. Music
Do you make music? If so, you need online music that you can use for your own video without using your arms and legs. Besides that, there are ways to earn money without using other people using music using iTunes, whether you are an artist or a small group. The sky is really a limit.

4. Video
Can I create interesting videos and edit videos? This is a great way to earn money online. You can create videos that are tailored to your needs or create videos according to customer specifications that require video in marketing.

5. Course
Digital courses are very popular and sell well online to niche viewers who need to learn something they can teach. You can also create courses yourself. Alternatively, you can purchase a private label course that is sold. People acquire 6 digit figures and sell digital courses.

6. Graphics
Are you a graphic designer? People need websites components, including logos, backgrounds and various elements. It can be very advantageous if it is sold to the right person in the proper way. With this talent, you can start very easily.

7. Planning and planning
Do you know how to plan something? We are doing well with digital marketing tools such as houses, woodworking projects, knitting projects and so on. If you have this talent, you can earn unlimited income.

8. Software and Applications
If you are a programmer, you have found a gold mine. People who can create applications and software that people need are millions of dollars earned. Even if you create a wonderful WordPress theme, you can literally become a billionaire.

With a good shopping cart like, you can easily manage products and services. So, for a particular audience, you can make lots of money for these digital products, put them on the market and earn money.

Seven of the most profitable digital products that can be sold online

Are you ready to start your own business? Did you consider selling digital products online?
With the advancement of the latest technology, the birth of the entrepreneurial spirit was never easy. On the Internet, it is easy to start a business, especially a digital product. It is because there is no need to worry about shops, stocks, shipping. Wherever you are in the world, you can access your products and services to listeners simply by pressing a button.

That’s not all. When selling digital products online, there is no need to worry about high start-up capital. You can slowly approach things, start part-time and build as you grow. Since there are no transportation costs and raw materials necessary for digital products, the profit margin will be higher than when selling physical products.

So, if you are ready to plunge, the most important thing to remember is the product you need to produce. However, if you still have doubts, please follow our digital product list.

There is no date for the author to jump from one publisher to another publisher and publish the book. The EBook is furious recently because it can easily access reading materials. With the advent of devices like Kindle and Kobo, readers will not have difficulty reading all their favorite books. In addition, the rise of electronic books is outpacing the traditional books. If you want to write and share your content to more viewers, you can work with eBooks.
Many application designers used the application market to think that they want to make the next Snapchat. One obvious reason is that the purchase of applications has soared and application sales will be billions in the next few years. Most applications can be sold in app store such as Google Play or App Store, but applications with development functions can sell applications in other forums. One thing you should keep in mind is that you can sell downloadable products such as databases, templates, WordPress as well as applications to sell immediately.
Podcast digital product
Podcast hosting services such as Blubbry and Podbean make consumers easier to get information by listening to their favorite programs. If you want to sell your podcast, start with increasing your presence online. First, I will create a website and a social network. Next, release the content to attract the new listener. You can also create products for additional sales and promotion. However, remember that all published podcasts are effective and attractive.
Please make your podcast more interesting by providing vocabulary lists and worksheets that you can download from your website. Start a forum that encourages listeners to join the discussion and share information with other members. When you are ready to begin loading podcasts, please create high-end content, including promotions, contests and prizes. To further increase your income, subscribe every month, quarter or yearly.

Online course
Traditional schools and hospital facilities are still changing tires, but innovative digital learners and philosophers’ way are selling products online. People who are ready to compete in the online world can gain popularity by selling online courses. Creating an online course is not just selling PDF, but also creating high-quality content and publishing it to the public. Even an expert in the entrepreneurial spirit, finance, technology, lifestyle, healthcare industry, you can get a good return on investment by selling courses online.
If you are a problematic musician and want to hear your music from people all over the world (or you know some musicians you want to help with) you can deliver music on Amazon and iTunes platforms I will. But first of all you have to establish your audience. You can create your own website, attach your name to social media, and approach various music enthusiasts. By sharing music on the social media platform, you can strengthen your brand, acquire and maintain customers. When you are ready to sell your work, do not forget to keep Apple’s format specifications. This is one of the biggest challenges for you.

Are you a photo booth? So it’s a chance to earn money and take pictures. The number of pictures sold on sites such as Shutterstock and Dreamstime has increased every minute. Do you have a digital single lens reflex camera? Well, you are ready for business. In any industry, it takes time and effort to build your brand. However, if you are ready to improve photography skills with consistency, the possibilities of income are unlimited.

Clip art
This word may be a bit old, but people are still making money to create models, pixelated images, digital designs. Clip art sales have not stopped for years and it shows that clip art is still growing. Contrary to most people mentioning clip art death, there are a wide range of people from interior designers and the Web to party consultants and elementary school teachers. This industry is here little by little.
Now, as you are in the business environment, this list of valuable digital products should give food for thinking. Start thinking about your interests, improve your skills and compete in the market. Choose one of these digital products today to create and set away from the crowd. If you combine it with the best e-commerce platform, you can definitely do business!